Glutathione Soap

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Glutathione whitening soaps designed to clean body well and fight against bacteria as well. This soap contains anti-bacterial sources which can protect your skin from dusts and pollutions. It works by reducing melanin growth and makes skin brighter.

It works against skin darkening and reduces step by step and provides proven result without any side effects.

Amira Skin Care Glutathione Whitening Soap 150g Ingredients: 0.1 L glutathione,titanium dioxide alpha lipoic acid,Vit C ,Grape seed extract. Have you ever wondered why celebrities have flawless, youthful, wrinkle free, rosy white skin?

Indication: Use on body first before face for Dark Spots, melasma, acne, and Stretchmarks, for youthful flawless skin,wrinkle free and rosy white skin Do not expose to sunlight.